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Assignment Generator

Intelligent Assignment Generator

Say goodbye to manual assignment planning. AI Teacha's Assignment Generator simplifies the task, enabling educators to effortlessly create dynamic and engaging assignments for their students.

Lesson Note Generator

Create amazing lesson content 10X faster

Effortlessly plan and organize your lessons with AI Teacha's Lesson Note Generator. Tailor your teaching approach, ensuring each lesson is engaging and aligned with educational objectives. Streamline your preparation and elevate your classroom experience.

Visual Teaching Aid Generator

Use AI Teacha to create visual teaching aids

Bring lessons to life with AI Teacha's Visual Teaching Aid Generator. Easily create captivating visual materials, enhancing comprehension and student engagement. Elevate your teaching with dynamic and effective visual aids.

Practice Test Generator

Generate practice tests in seconds

Empower your students with targeted preparation using AI Teacha's Practice Test Generator. Effortlessly create practice tests, reinforcing learning and boosting exam readiness.

Marking Scheme Generator

Create marking scheme for any Subject

Effortlessly create detailed and fair marking schemes tailored to your assessments. AI Teacha's Marking Scheme Generator ensures consistent and objective evaluation, providing educators with a valuable tool for efficient grading and constructive feedback. Streamline the assessment process and support student growth.

Icebreaker Activity Generator

Create Icebreaker activities with ease

Cultivate a vibrant classroom environment with AI Teacha's Icebreaker Activity Generator. Facilitate engaging interactions and create a positive atmosphere for effective learning.

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Engage with students of different linguistic backgrounds.



Collaborate with your team to create your desired dream content



Generate appraisal or feedback for any subject matter or topic

Features List

Best AI Tools for Education

AI Teacha offers superior AI capabilities for generating educational contents, images, and audio, enabling uninterrupted focus on content creation without constraints.
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Lesson Note Generator

Craft detailed and organized records of your class activities effortlessly with AI Teacha's Lesson Note tool.

Curriculum Generator

Seamlessly generate comprehensive curricula, aligning with educational standards and goals using AI Teacha's Curriculum tool.

Assessment Generator

Simplify the assessment creation process, ensuring effective evaluations tailored to your curriculum with AI Teacha's Assessment tool.

Maths/Physics/Chemistry Solver

complex math, physics, and chemistry problems effortlessly with the Solver tool, enhancing problem-solving in your teaching.

School Newsletter Generator

Engage your students and parents effectively by effortlessly creating and sharing school newsletters with AI Teacha's Newsletter tool.

Lesson Plan Generator

Elevate your teaching with meticulously designed and customizable lesson plans using AI Teacha's innovative Lesson Plan tool.

Special Needs Intervention Generator

Enhance support for diverse learners with AI Teacha's Special Needs Intervention tool, tailored to individual educational needs.

Student Feedback/Appraisal

Elevate your teaching effectiveness by effortlessly generating comprehensive student feedback using AI Teacha appraisal tools.

Visualize Your Class

Create Visual Aids with Ai Teacha

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